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Small Christian Community Meeting For Children & Youth Of Holy Cross Ward / Kodical A

The 5th SCC meeting for children and youth took place on the 20th of January 2020 at the residence of Leslie and Debbie Locker at 5.30 pm. 25 children of the ward and 5 elders were present. Fr. Aquin – parish priest also came for this meeting.

Crystal Mendonca welcomed everyone and the 7 steps of the meeting was conducted by Wilona. Seanna led the opening prayer welcoming Jesus into our midst. The word of God was taken from John 14:25-27 which was read aloud by 3 children and later every person present shared which word/ verse appealed to them.

Fr.Aquin spoke to the gathering about the significance of the Holy Spirit in our lives and how we need to listen to His voice. After that each of them shared as to why they had chosen a particular word and how it applied in their lives. The word for the month chosen was “My Peace I give to you”

Since we are entering into the Lenten season next month, Freya Mendonca spoke about “Lenten sacrifices” and how as children we could abstain from things which give us momentary satisfaction and save the money during the whole of lent. It was also decided that in the month of April the children and youth would visit some of the elderly and sick of our parish and offer them some fruits and gifts from the amount that was saved during the Lenten season.

Since the word chosen was “My Peace I give to you”, the children and youth made cards based on that theme so that they could keep it in their homes and read it aloud each day and share peace with each other. The meeting ended with snacks and soft drinks.