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First Holy Communion on 25th November 2018

On 25th November 2018, on the Solemnity of Jesus Christ the King of the Universe, at 9am during the Eucharistic celebration, 12 children of the parish namely –Aston, Ethan, Floyod, Kaeyn, Nathasha, Pavithra, Ruth, Sweedal D’cunh, Sweezal, Sweedal, Steve and Vinish, received Jesus for the first time in their hearts for which they had been longing and preparing themselves from a long time. Teacher Miss Juliana Crasta prepared the children for this great event. These 12 children with angelic appearance and grace filled hearts along with their parents and celebrants entered the church in procession.

Fr. Leo Lasrado from Jeppu Seminary was the main celebrant. Fr. Aquin Noronha the parish priest, Fr. Roopesh Madtha diocesan YCS director, Fr. Denzil OCD, and Fr. Anil OCD were the con-celebrants.

In His Homily Fr. Roopesh Madtha motivated the children to be pure in their hearts and to receive Jesus Christ as their king who will be coming into their hearts for the first time and who is the best and precious gift which they have ever received in their life. He also mentioned to protect the earth and to nurture the nature since the whole Diocese was celebrating the ‘Laudato Si’Sunday on 25th November.

The Liturgy was taken up by the First Holy Communion children who did their part very prayerfully and meaningfully. The melodious Choir helped the people to participate in the celebration gracefully. The whole parish joined with these children in their joy and prayed for them.

At the end of the Eucharistic celebration the children received the certificate of reception, a blessed rosary and a scapular from the parish priest. The celebrants blessed the children and congratulated them.

After the Eucharistic celebration the children were given the refreshments which were arranged in the Parish Office.