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Children's Small Christian Community Meeting - Kodical A

The children and youth in the age group of 8-25 years were invited for the small Christian community meeting at the residence of Leslie & Debbie Locker on Tuesday, 26th of March 2019 at 5 .30 pm.

Though the children had exams 16 of them attended this meeting. All of them came with their Bibles. Monica D'silva conducted the seven steps so beautifully explaining each step to the children. Fr Aquin Noronha, the Parish Priest who was present gave the children the background of how the SCC meetings originated.

It was amazing to see these children find the verse which was chosen Luke 15: 17-24 so easily. A short video of the prodigal son was shown and then they read the passage clearly in Konkani and English. Then each one present were made to read a sentence.

It was so heartening to see them recite the verse that touched them as well as pray spontaneously.

After that they had some games which they thoroughly enjoyed and snacks were served. The children and youth are pretty excited for the next month’s meeting.

Gratefulness was shown to the ward gurkaar Mr. Norgi Dsilva for encouraging the youth of the ward to be proactive in all activities.