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“RAINBOW PROMISES”- Summer Camp Held On 23rd April At St. Dominic Church :

The much awaited summer camp “RAINBOW PROMISES” was held on 23rd of April 2018. We had a great number attending the camp with nearly 79 participants and a group of 10 youth in the service team. We all gathered in the hall and started our day by invoking God’s blessings through a prayer. The welcome address and orientation was delivered by Fr. Aquin Noronha, the parish priest who spoke about how God gave a sign to the people in the Old Testament and how the rainbow is a sign of new beginning and hope (Gen 9:13-16).

The participants were taught some jumpy action songs and interesting games were conducted. After a refreshing Tang and puff break, we welcomed the resource person for the day Mr. Lanwin lobo, who gave useful inputs on the topic “Leadership” and explained the attributes of a good leader and how one could be a good leader. He also conducted various activities which made the session interactive and lively. After this thought provoking session we proceeded to take part in the Holy Eucharist which was celebrated by Fr. Pratik Pereira OP.

Soon after lunch participants gathered for more action songs and exciting games like Dominic top model, selfie game, bedsheet volleyball, reverse dumb charades and many more. Later the participants were divided into two groups i.e: 4th to 7th std and 8th to YCS respectively.

The younger group was addressed by Mrs. Apoline who taught them to make paper bags and creative macramé key chains. For the older group they had a lot of action-packed outdoor games like aiming the tyre, building a pyramid with coconut husk, aiming the wicket and eating chaklies. The fun was not yet over, an amazing fancy fete with lovely music was organized for them with various challenges and games which was thoroughly enjoyed.

Lastly both the groups gathered together in the hall where they expressed their gratitude and many of the participants shared their experiences. We concluded the camp by taking a group photo. The camp was organized by the Catechism Teachers and conducted by some youth from YCS and CFCI -youth.