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Prayer service by Children and Youth – Dominic A ward

On Tuesday 22nd January 2019 at 6.15 pm prayer meeting was arranged for the youth and children of Dominic A word at the house of Gurkarn Mrs. Joan Vas. Children Macwill, Jenisha,Valusha, Preemal, Fiona, Aston, Sherlyn, Aelina, Aloma, Alisha, Gracy, Nancy and the youth Leona, Prethisha, Carlton, Reshma and Jenifer were present.

The Parish Priest Rev. Fr. Aquin Noronha and Macwill Crasta prepared the children by teaching some hymns to them to participate meaningfully in the prayer service.

Miss Jenisha Cutinho welcomed the gathering and Miss Gracy Francis lead the prayer Service. Miss Valusha invoked the presence of Jesus through a small prayer. Word of God was taken from the Gospel of St. Luke. (Lk: 2:41-52). Three children read aloud the same passage and eleven of them shared the inspiring sentences from the passage. The Gospel “Lk: 2: 52” was taken as the inspirational word of God to live during the coming days. Ten of them made spontaneous prayers.

Parish Priest Fr. Aquin Noronha gave meaningful and inspiring reflection for the gathering. He brought out the life lived by the Holy family of Nazareth specially the role of Jesus in the holy family. Like Jesus all the children need to listen and obey their parents and grow in wisdom and love was the main message to the Children.

For the activity during the month it was decided that Children will keep their house and surrounding clean (Swach Bharath). It was told that whatever decision is taken regarding cleanliness they should live it and when they come for the next meeting they have to share their lived experiences.

Ward Gurkarn Mrs. Joan Vas proposed the vote of thanks. SCC co-ordinator Mrs. Eugene was also present. She appreciated the gathering of youth and children and encouraged them.

Fr.Aquin blessed the Small Religious articles Like Rosary, Medals and distributed to the children. At the end ice cream and snacks were served.

The Ward committee members, Mrs. Felicia, Mrs. Nancy pias, and Mrs. Anusha Fernandes were also present.