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“Amchim Burghim, Amchem Daiz” - Seminar for Parents

A seminar for parents was organized on Sunday, 20th August 2023 at the Golden Jubilee Hall from 9. 30 am to 11 am by the Unity Commissions viz., Commissions for Family , Women, Youth, Lay Apostolate, Small Christian Community, Ecumenism and Christian Unity.

The programme began with a prayer song led by the members of different commissions followed by the welcome address by Mrs. Meera Mendonca- Corordinator of 21 Commissions of the Parish. Rev. Fr. Daniel Veigas, Parish Priest of St. Dominic church spoke on the theme “Our children our Wealth”. The Bible speaks of Forbidden fruit. It tasted good for Adam and Eve but the result was evil. We have the knowledge of what is good and bad. Our children have fallen a prey to drugs and alcohol and substance abuse. As parents let us be responsible for our children in their development and understand the present conditions that lead them astray.

Mr. Melwyn Noronha- Secretary of Small Christian Community Commission introduced the speaker – Mrs. Lydia Lobo, Administrator of LINK Integrated Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts, Bajal, Mangalore who has a vast experience in working at the grassroot level for marginalized women and children and now for the last 13 years she has been heading the organization of LINK and mentoring addicts as well as conducting awareness for drug and substance abuse.

Mrs. Lydia Lobo in her session stressed the need for parents to have better communication with their children and be aware of their behavioral patterns and explained with real life situations the problems faced in society by drugs, alcohol and substance abuse. It was well received by the parents and this session gave a lot of information and tips which was need based in today’s world.

The programme was compered by Mrs. Reshma D’Souza- member of Commission for Christian Unity and the vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Deborah Locker- Convenor of Unity group Commission. Fr. Xavier Dias took charge of the video recordings and the photography was done by Mr. Francis Dias- secretary of Youth Commission.