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Confirmation at St. Dominic Church Ashoknagar

60 children of St. Dominic Church, Ashoknagar on November 16th 2019 received the Sacrament of Confirmation from the Bishop Emirthus of Mangaluru, Dr Aloysius Paul D’souza.

Fr. Aquin Noronha the parish priest and Fr. Royston Lobo the assistant parish priest along with the Parish Pastoral Parishad members and children of confirmation gave a floral welcome to the bishop after which he took catechism for the candidates. This was followed by the Eucharistic celebration.

In his homily, the bishop gave a call to witness Christ by deeds if needed by words. The main message was to be ‘baptised and sent’. He reminded about the important holy men and women who were martyred while professing their faith for Christ. The bishop also said that the Holy Spirit will remain in order for a person to live a Christian life and to be a true follower of Jesus. This sacrament will guide the person about what to speak, how to behave and how to show true spirit of Catholic life. One need not fear others. It will boost one's confidence. It will help in judging good and bad.

After the homily the bishop confirmed the children. Mr. Isac Furtado the secretary of the Parish Council and his wife Nathalia Furtado stood as sponsors for the Children.

At the end of the mass, the bishop was honoured with a flower offered by the assistant parish priest. Parishioners gathered in huge number for the celebration.