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August 15th 2020 – Feast Of The Assumption Of Blessed Virgin Mary & 74th Independence Day Celebrations

The mass in honor of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary was celebrated on 15th August 2020 at 8 am. Rev. Frs. Aquin Noronha OP- Parish Priest and Royston Lobo O.P. - Asst. Parish Priest were the celebrants.

In his homily Fr. Aquin explained the difference between Assumption and Ascension. Jesus ascended into heaven both body and soul by his own power where as other Mary was assumed into heaven both body and soul by the Heavenly Father because she was without original sin and her heart was immaculate. Mother Mary has always surrendered her will to our Lord’s will and she was humble and served God.

One day we too will get this privilege if we incline our will to His will and remain humble and strong in faith in the times of trials.

Father also spoke about our independence day that though India had received freedom 74 years ago- are we still free from prejudices, slavery and injustice. God has created us in His own image . True freedom consists in being humane, respect for life. Let us imbibe the true virtues of Mother Mary and free ourselves for the bondage of sin and be free from all evil.

After the Eucharistic celebration, the parishioners gathered outside for the flag hoisting. Mr. Vinol Dsouza was the MC for the programme who welcomed the guests. The prayer song was sung by the ICYM members- Jennifer Castelino, Leona D’silva, Iral D’silva, Chris Crasta and Cleophas Mendonca to the accompaniment of the guitar by Macwil Crasta.

The following dignitaries were called on to the stage and were escorted by Ms. Freya Mendonca. Fr. Aquin Noronha- parish priest, Fr. Royston Lobo- asst. parish priest, Mr. Maxim Crasta- Vice President, Mrs. Noreen Pinto- Secretary and Mrs. Deborah Locker- Coordinator.

A patriotic song honouring our nation and the freedom fighters was sung by the same group members of ICYM after which Mr. Henry Pinto from Kottara B ward gave the command to attention before the flag hoisting. Fr. Aquin Noronha hoisted the flag and the entire congregation sang the National Anthem and saluted the flag

Mr. Maxim Crasta- vice president of the Parish council gave the Independence Day message.

He mentioned that we stand in reverence to the sacrifices done by our freedom fighters, our elders in order to gain independence. Though they are not with us, they have set an example through their life of selfless sacrifice, integrity and spirit of service which we are called to inculcate in our lives. As citizens of India, we have gained a lot from our nation, good education and values in life. We are called to give back to society the good that is in us for the betterment of others.

Though we are a democratic nation in spite of many years of independence we still have so many people below the poverty line, denied of their basic rights. There is a lot of disparity among people. We should fight against the injustice done to the needy and the poor and always work towards equality and peace.

Today the world is reeling under the pandemic of Covid 19 and people are living their lives in fear. We need to fight against this disease by remaining safe, taking precautions. Let us unite together in prayer and also live our lives doing good, serving the needy and whatever values our elders have taught us let us put it to good use to have a better place for our future generation.

The closing speech was given by Fr. Aquin who mentioned that all these years on the day of Independence Day the message was about freedom from corruption, rape, murder, injustice etc. But this year the entire nation is desperately concerned about good health, especially for a total freedom from Covid 19 Pandemic and fear.

At the end of the programme, sweets were distributed to the people which were donated in memory of late Donald Dsouza, Agnes Dsouza, Herry Dsouza and Henry D’souza frpm Dominic B ward.