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Parish Couples Day 2021 "Mujya Moghan Raava" (15:9)

In commemoration of the Parish golden jubilee celebrations a programme was organized on 31st January 2021 for married couples “ Mujya Moghan Raava” ( theme verse is taken from John 15:9-As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Remain in my love.”)

The Eucharistic celebration began at 3.45 pm with Fr. Victor D’mello- parish priest of Our lady of Remedies Church, Kirem, as the main celebrant. Over 260 people attended the mass out of which 110 couples and the rest were those whose spouses were working abroad or expired. During the homily Fr. Victor spoke about the present situation of marriages and the significance of a good Christian family and its impact on the future. He mentioned about the 3 altars in a married life viz: the altar where the family gathers to pray, the dining table where we eat together and share our ideas and the bed where the couple come together each night to express their love for each other.

The renewal of marriage vows was made which was led by Mr. Maxim & Lavina Crasta where the couples faced each other and renewed their vows which was a beautiful experience to cherish. After communion a prayer for husband and wife was led by Mr. Paul & Veena D’souza where all were made to lay their hands on their spouses and pray for them.

After mass refreshments were served and later everyone gathered in the parish hall for the session. The MC – Mrs. Sujatha Mendonca welcomed the gathering after which the vice president Mr. Maxim Crasta gave the formal welcome address. Fr. Aquin Noronha- Parish Priest spoke on the theme “Mujya Mogan Raava” and how couples should love each other unconditionally as God the Father loves his children.

The resource persons Mr. & Mrs. Alex & Linette Serrao and Mr. & Mrs. Melwin & Neetha Fernandes were then introduced by Mrs. Deborah Locker.

The first session was taken up by Mr. Alex Serrao who spoke about the how we all come from different upbringing and understanding the spouse is very important and accepting each other as they are, is the key to a better marriage. Mrs. Linette Serrao shared about her life and how different she is from her husband but when they understood each other’s roles and accepted each other they were able to communicate to each other, accept correction positively and have better understanding, thus being able to enjoy peace and joy in their married life.

Mr. Melvin Fernandes spoke about the importance of the communication and how we need to discuss with each other openly rather than keep things to ourselves. He also stressed on speaking to the point instead of beating around the bush when a situation arises which causes friction in the married couples. Mrs. Neetha explained on how to have a good fight which can enhance the marriage rather than blame each other. She gave an example of the Oprah Winfrey show where a couple celebrating their golden jubilee in the U.S had a code language “The table is red” which they used to settle difference of opinions in a peaceful manner.

Mrs. Deborah Locker shared her life testimony as to how in their 35 years of marriage when challenges came their way they were able to place their trust in God, pray together as a couple and never lose faith in His saving grace and this has helped them overcome all their struggles boldly and to remain joyful and positive in life.

In between the sessions action songs were sung by Melvin and Neetha and their children taught the actions which made everyone lively. The vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs. Noreen Pinto – secretary of the Parish council.